You don’t have to run faster than the bear…

My work has started to ask me about the bruises again. Though we have been back together for more than 6 months, I just recently told my work that Lucifer and I were trying to work things out. Since the last time I was with Lucifer, I was coming in to work with different bruises…

Of Ice and a Woman: Giving Up My Best Friend For Sobriety

“What is that?”, I ask her.

“It’s ice,” she responds.

Like a reflex, I ask. “Can I try some?”

All She Wants To Do Is RELAPSE

Some days, like this one, all I want to do is relapse. You read that right, I WANT to relapse. If you’re fresh in your recovery, you may want to skip over this particular blog post. If you’ve been in recovery for some time, maybe you can comment with some advice for me right now….