Of Ice and Men is a growing network of information and resources for recovery from addiction, abuse, and self-sabotage. The Of Ice and Men blog gives a first person perspective into some of the social issues that incite true discourse and shame in our society. Of Ice and Men Blog aims to bring awareness to stigmatized situations that affect so many in our population. 

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  1. Maybe you’d be interested in reviewing my new book, Detroit Muscle, on your blog. It follows the story of Robby Cooper, an OxyContin addict just out of rehab trying to put his life back together. In the end, it is a story of hope in the face of addiction.

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  2. Abbie says:

    Glad to meet you, Ruby! I just found you via Pinterest, and I really like the way you write! Keep up the God work!

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    1. Thanks Abbie! That means a lot and I appreciate it!

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  3. Nameless for Now says:

    Thank you Ruby, for taking time to write. I was that down ass girlfriend to a man in an abusive relationship for 3 years. I finally left the state in May, as a way of forcing myself to stop going back to him. Was clean for a year.

    I have been back in my addiction since July. Putting on a really good show for everyone around, sleep, eat, hydrate, work, pay bills, supermom, blah blah what a facade. Outside I’m shining, inside I’m dying. It’s only a matter of time before shtf. Unless I fucking STOP.
    Where the Fuck do I start though, dude I’m so discouraged Dammit how did this happen again. Wtf.

    Anyway….Reading your blog posts are making me feel less…alone. It’s a start in a new direction. Thank you again.


  4. Abbie says:

    Hey Ruby! I’ve been off the blog for a while but wanted to touch base with you ☺
    I’m writing at
    Now. Ciao!


  5. Nikki says:

    Where are you now? I hope you’re well.


    1. I am well, sister, Thank you for asking! Thank you for the likes and the comment!


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