April 7, 2014

Today is a day like any other. But for me, it’s not.

Two years ago today I decided to stop using meth. I had made this decision many times before, of course, but never had made it longer than 12 days clean. Now I’m at 731 days clean (including leap day).

It’s funny how sometimes we still expect that the world revolves around us like we thought when we were children. I wanted today to be special. A party, a vacation, a nice dinner, anything. I wanted my mother to call me and tell me how proud of me she was. I wanted my boyfriend to finally ask me to marry him. Ha!

It’s not that no one cares or they’re not proud of my recovery. It’s just, life went on. I did get clean and got my life back together again. I don’t need help or support any more, in their opinion. I have a life full of love and good family and my recovery from addiction is considered “complete” by them. They don’t realize that it is never complete. My boyfriend is an addict and he is 6 months clean as of yesterday. In his mind, he still needs help with recovery but I have “beaten” it. See, we all think it just revolves around ourselves.

Everyone I know who did meth, still does meth. Anyone I know who never had a problem with drugs, doesn’t understand why this day is more like my birthday than my birthday. Does it sound too Holy Roller if I say I was “born again” on this day?

Today is special. But it’s only special for me. For anyone else, today is a day like any other.


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  1. Congratulations on two years of sobriety!


  2. MrMattsmind says:

    What an impressive accomplishment! Addiction is not something easily kicked… and in all reality is a life long process. I know I have my own struggles … mine is with cigarettes… I’ve quit smoking …. 5 times…. and am trying to quit again… this time I would like it to be for the last time.
    Congratulations on what you have achieved. It was, and is… no easy task. Please continue to provide inspiration to others suffering from addiction. Thanks for sharing your story. 😀

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  3. DREW5000G says:

    better late than never BIG CONGRATS!! I get why it is bigger than a birthday, u looked death in the face and told it to go fuck itself, one day that will be me, the world does after all revolve around me, lol

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